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The Research Foundation and SUNY Center for Professional Development are partnering to offer two spring Learning Tuesday webinars for faculty interested in research leadership. Below are the details about each program, and we encourage you to register and help us spread the word to your fellow colleagues.

What Faculty Should Know About Entrepreneurship
Streaming live on May 24th from 10:30 a.m. through 12 noon
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You can access the session directly from the Learning Tuesday LiveStream page. Be sure that you have reviewed and tested your computer for all System Requirements. This program, and all Learning Tuesday programs, are archived and available after the live date.

If you have any questions, you may contact Carolyn Mattiske at Learning@rfsuny.org, or Customer Services.

Actions Requested:

  1. Register for the events; this will ensure you receive an event confirmation and exit survey. Please share and invite other faculty colleagues on your campus.
  2. Review the System Requirements for the event format on the Learning Tuesday webpage to make sure the PC in your reserved room is prepared for the event.
  3. Print any handouts you would like to have available for participants, or you may access them electronically. Links to applicable meeting material will be accessible via the Learning Tuesday Registration & Events Schedule web page (if applicable); a reminder will also be emailed to all registrants in advance of each program.

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