The development of a SUNY Learning Commons was one of four key recommendations of the SUNY Strategic Plan Innovative Instruction Transformation Team.

The SUNY Learning Commons is designed to allow SUNY learners and educators to:

  • Find learning opportunities that are available across campuses through a series of course and program catalogs;
  • Easily access information needed to establish a plan for degree completion;
  • Track learning activities and progress toward degree completion;
  • Form and join communities of interest and communities of practice;
  • Connect with other learners and educators throughout the System;
  • Share and access scholarly and instructional materials through a Learning Object Repository (i.e., Open SUNY Affordable Learning Solutions);
  • Share and access resources, standards, policies, and best practices within a community of practice;
  • Operate collaborative tools that allow learners and educators to work together actively at a distance; and
  • Experiment with new communication tools to enhance teaching and learning.

The full report of the Innovative Instruction Transformation Team is available at https://commons.suny.edu/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/InnovativeInstructionTeamReport-Draftof-4-6.doc.