Resources for Online Course Support Librarians

Resources for Online Course Support Librarians

In December 2013, as part of the Course Supports initiatives of the newly launched Open SUNY program, a group of SUNY librarians were charged with creating three deliverables:

  1. Clear articulation of support provided by librarians to faculty members.
  2. A list of resources and tools utilized by librarians for provision of online teaching support.
  3. A guidebook to bring a librarian new to this role [course supports] up to speed on which services to provide.

These documents are your resources to use, re-use, and remix as needed to support your vital roles in supporting online education.

Additional SUNY Resources

The Information Literacy Users Guide –  an Open SUNY Textbook by Trudi Jacobsen, University at Albany

SUNY OER Services

Open SUNY ALS  – OER Library Resources

SUNY Information Literacy Portal

SUNYLA’s Working Group for Information Literacy – Google Group and listserv

Non-SUNY Resources

The Making of an Instructional Design Librarian

Google Scholar List “librarians as instructional designers”

Librarians and Online Course Support

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