One thought on “Chronicle Article on the “4 Properties of Powerful Teachers”

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    Hi, Chris:

    Thanks for sharing this article. I do think it hits on important variables…but perhaps – in the interest to create a short list – oversimplifies? Regardless, I have two potential substitutions/additions…

    With the personality factor, I am wondering if there isn’t an overemphasis on “innate” characteristics (even though the article suggests that all can be developed). I would much rather see an emphasis on “relationship-building” with students, rather than personality.

    With the preparation factor, is the implication that this addresses the full range of pedagogy variables? I have seen lots of new instructors prepare (and over-prepare), but – unless based on solid pedagogy – their efforts tend to be just “ready” – not so much heavy on impact.

    Just a few thoughts…
    ~kg (Kathleen Gradel)

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