On the User Menu, click on Activity


Personal: Will display all updates that are connected to your account. This will include newly added friends, changes to your profile and any new groups that you have joined.


The What’s new,*First Name*? area will allow you to add a post or update that displays to the other users on the Commons. The media button at the bottom of the text space gives you the option to add files. After clicking Post Update, the newly created post is seen next to your Commons photo and will appear anywhere your account is shown (example: members list).


Favorites: Collects any activity update or notification that you have click Favorite for. Here you can add Comments to the activity or Remove Favorite to remove this from the list. Comments added will appear on this post anywhere on the Commons it appears.


Friends: Shows activity for all users who you are friends with. Viewing current friends allows you to see activity with other accounts. Clicking on the user’s name will open their profile, giving you the chance to add them as friends.


Groups: Shows activity for all the groups you are a member of. Clicking on the group name will bring you directly into that group page.