On the User Menu, click on Docs


The Docs area will show all documents that you have created or edited throughout the Commons. The view can be toggled between documents that are “Started By Me” or “Edited By Me.” Using the column titles, documents can be sorted alphabetically by Title or Author or date by the Created or Last Edited. Hovering over the document title will show options to Read, Edit or view the History.

In the top right-hand corner of the Docs page, is the Create New Doc button.


After adding the Title and Content of the document, below this area are settings to add the document to a group, and how the document will be viewed.

Associated Group: Choose which group this document will appear in. *Note the access settings for this Doc may be limited by the privacy settings of the group chosen.


Access: Change how the document is accessed and edited by other users in the Commons. Access can be open to Anyone, to Logged-in Users or The Doc author only.


Tags: Tags can be used to organize each document into a group of documents. Each Tag (keyword) should be separated with commas.


When the document content is added and the settings are changed, click Save.