On the User Menu, click on Gallery


The Gallery can be used to compile different types of media into collections.  On the Gallery page, click on Create a Gallery to start, choose a Type: Photo(jpeg,jpg,gif,png), Video(mp4,flv,mpeg), Audio(mp3,wmv,midi), and Documents (zip,gz,doc,pdf,docx,xls). The Status controls who sees the gallery. They are Public, Private, Friends Only, or Logged in Users Only. Once a Title and a Description are added then click Create.


Using the Add Media button, upload different files, depending on the media type selected. When items are added using the Edit Media will give you options to make individual changes to each piece of media(Status, Title, and Description). View allows you to see the gallery, Reorder to drag-and-drop items to change the order of the media, Edit Details to change the gallery settings (Status, Title, Description) and the Delete button will remove the gallery.


Clicking on My Gallery will display all galleries created. There is a space limit to the amount of media that can be uploaded. The status of how much space will be listed at the top. Currently the limit is set to 10MB. Under the image for the gallery will display the title and options to View the gallery, Upload new content or Delete the galley.