On the User Menu, click Groups


The groups page will show different options:


  • Group viewsGroup Tree will show all groups in the Commons and My Groups will show the groups you are currently a member of
  • Group search– Search for different groups in the Commons, the search will pick up words in both the title and description
  • Group information– Shows the group name and description. If the group is private, the request membership button will send your request and information to the group administrator.

Groups on the Commons are both public and private. 


Public – These groups can be accessed after clicking on the “Join Group” button. When you join a public group the button will then change to “Leave Group.” Joining a public group will give you quicker access(listed under Groups>My Groups) and you will receive emails with group updates. You can also participate in group discussions
Private – Clicking on the button to “Request Membership” will send an email to the group administrators. They have the option to accept or deny your request to join. You will receive an email with more information once the administrators have accepted/denied the request.