Send Invites

On the User Menu, click on Send Invites


Clicking on Invite New Members will give options on who to invite, the email message that will be sent and the option to add groups for them to add when joining. You can add up to 50 email addresses at a time, adding one address per line. The email invite has a pre-set subject line, “An invitation to join the SUNY Learning Commons community” this can be changed if needed.


You can also customize the body of the email being sent to new Commons invitees. The default message will state that, “they have been invited by *Your Name* to join the SUNY Learning Commons community.” Also a link to your personal profile is added. Lastly, a list of current groups that you belong to will appear in the Send Invite list. Choose (if any) groups that you would like the new Commons member to join. An invitation will be sent in the email for each individual group. If the group is private, the new member will need to request membership to join. Any public group, they can join through the email.


Click Send Invites after email address are added and settings are changed.

The Sent Invites section will display all individual invitations sent to new users.


Displayed in the list will be the Invited users Email Address, which Groups they were invited to join, when the email message was Sent, and if the user Accepted the invitation and joined the Commons. You can individually remove users from this list using the red x or by using the option at the bottom of the page to either Clear all Accepted Invitations or Clear all Invitations.