On the User Menu, click on Settings


The settings section will give the options to change your password (Non-SUNY members), updated your email, update email notifications, change visibility for what other users can see, restrict messaging or delete your account.

General: Your current password needs to be entered in order to change your Account Email or Change your Password (Non-SUNY members only). SUNY members will use their SUNY Secure Sign On information and the password cannot be changed.



Email: Each section will give different options for emails to be sent or not to be sent. At the bottom of the list, for Individual Group Email Settings, you will want to click on the link for My Groups then Change to update notification emails for each specific group. There is also the option to set all groups to not send email notifications by clicking on “Or set all your group’s email options to No Email.”


Profile Visibility: Allows you to make changes to each individual personal information field on who can view it. You can change the Visibility to either Everyone, Only Me, All Members or Admins Only. Click Save Settings when finished.


Messages:  Message restrictions can be set to receive private messages from Friends Only and/or Groups Only. When selecting Groups Only the settings for Group Status will open to choose which set of groups messages can be sent to you from.


Delete Account: Choosing Delete Account will ask you if you Understand the Consequences. Checking this box will open the Delete Account button. Once choosing this option and clicking the button your account will be deleted from the Commons.