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2019 (Round 8) review nearly complete!

Round 8 (2019): 87 proposals received for a total funding request of $2,692,442 (65% funding proposal increase over Round 7)

  • Tier 3 (up to $60K) – 34 applications (+16 compared with 2018) Total Request: $1,914,600  (+$895,753 from Round 7)
  • Tier 2 (up to $20K) – 28 applications (-3 compared with 2018) Total Request: $498,656  (+$33,386 from Round 7)
  • Tier 1 (up to $10K) – 25 applications (same as 2018) Total Request: $240,835  (+$4,965 from Round 7)

As of Round 7, the Office of the SUNY Provost has awarded $5M in seed funds to support 225 innovative projects since 2012

Mission of Innovative Instruction Technology Grants

The Innovative Instruction Technology Grant (IITG) program promotes research and fosters understanding of how new technologies support academic excellence and student success. IITG leverages a “network of networks”, including tools and practices that will collaboratively increase efficiency and capacity for SUNY-wide delivery of high quality instruction. The Chancellor, Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost and SUNY Board of Trustees have endorsed solutions that will:

  • Enhance teaching and learning by providing affordable, innovative, and flexible education in a full range of instructional formats
  • Develop instructional talent by creating and supporting communities of practice across disciplines and institutions
  • Support, monitor and embrace research on pedagogical practices to continually improve the instructional practices of SUNY faculty
  • Extend teaching and learning environments to provide new avenues for development and delivery of collaborative content, courses, and programs in New York and across the globe through Open SUNY
  • Align with the four themes in Chancellor Kristina Johnson’s 2018 State of the University address: Innovation & Entrepreneurship; Individualized Education; Sustainability; and Partnerships.
  • Support inclusive excellence and post traditional learners to have “Transformational Impact” on SUNY’s overall completion agenda.