Diverse Techniques of Asian Art and Craft

Kyunghee Pyun

Project Team
  • Jinyoung Jin, Stony Brook

Fashion Institute of Technology


Tier One

Project Abstract:

The project aims to develop a workshop with experts of Asian art techniques along with a website dedicated for it. During the grant period of 2016-2017, a website with video links, podcasts, online lectures, or database of practitioners is developed at Fashion Institute of Technology and offered for visitors at Stony Brook University's Charles B. Wang Center and SUNY Old Westbury's Amelie A. Wallace Gallery using hand-held devices or interactive monitors. The website features craft centers in Korea, China or Japan and links viewers to practitioners of traditional crafts. Instead of videotaping these sites in person, our research assistants search for documentaries, instructional videos, museum links, or artist websites in order to place them in an appropriate category. This hub of information would be a one-stop destination for those interested in learning traditional techniques of Asian art and crafts. A two-day workshop held at Stony Brook University in November is documented and published on the website as well. In the spring semester, this website is available to visitors at Charles B. Wang Center and Amelie A. Wallace Gallery. After assessing user behavior, the website is modified and made accessible to other campuses of SUNY system or beyond campus.

Project Outcome:

Outcomes TBD