IITG Reviewer Volunteer Form

Thank you for volunteering to serve as an IITG reviewer! You may find it helpful to review the 2014 RFP and evaluation rubric and volunteer information that guides the proposal selection process.

Reviewers are assigned approximately 10 proposals each, and report spending 4-8 hours reviewing and providing feedback.  Reviewers are not assigned “home campus” proposals, and are obligated to report any potential conflicts of interest in advance.

The IITG administrative team follows principles that ensure each proposal is reviewed by both faculty and instructional support staff.  All proposals are ranked and then forwarded to the SUNY Provost’s staff for a secondary review which leads to funding recommendations to the Provost.  By expanding the pool of reviewers, we hope to maximize expertise in service of IITG reviewers.

If you have any questions, please forward them to .