• John Zelenak posted an update 3 years, 9 months ago

    @pereirmebuffalostate-edu great presentation today (twice). Is the task group thinking about or discussing the process of making existing learning objects compliant vs. concentrating efforts toward ensuring compliance going forward as new learning objects are created?

    • John, Thanks. Our hope is that once the skill sets are identified and the resources are in the hands of the campus, the campus can then decide how they want to move forward. I can tell you that here at Buffalo State, we asked faculty to revise their syllabus and any Word Documents and webpages via Bb after they attended the training, The following semester we did the same for Power Points and then the semester after we did audio/video. So, there is certainly a long process for make all existing object complaint. Also, some departments participated in this initiative and other did not. We could only provide the professional development and not actually “police” or verify if all content items comply. But each campus will be different. I believe that this is also an important component of course revisions and reviews, but again it will depend on how campus responds. In regards to Open SUNY, it seems that accessibility is on their minds for course reviews and revisions.