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VoiceThread Tutorial

  1. Registering
  2. Starting Your Project
  3. How to Add Media
  4. Uploading Media
  5. How to Add a Comment


1. Registering:

  • Go to VoiceThread and click on the “Register” button on the top right corner of the website.
  • Fill out the new account form which includes your name, email, and password.
  • VoiceThread will then send you an activation email with a link to follow.
  • Sign into your email and follow the link which will then activate your account.
  • Sign into VoiceThread with your email and password.
  • If you already have an account with VoiceThread, click on the “Sign In” button in the right upper corner and enter your email and password.

HOW TO REGISTER (Video tutorial)

2. Starting Your Project:

  • To get started on your project, click on the “Create” button in the upper left corner.
  • Click on the “Add Media” button in the middle of the page.
  • You can then select to add media from either your computer, media sources (which includes My Voice Threads, Khan Academy, Flickr, and New York Public Library), webcam photos, webcam video or a URL.
  • For the purposes of this tutorial video, I will be uploading photos from my computer.
  • Once you add your first Media Source, you will be taken to “Thread Settings” where you can title your project and add either a description or tags.
  • Under “Thread Settings” there is a “Playback Options” tab.
  • Here you can set the duration time for the slides if you do not want to manually shift through slides when giving a presentation.
  • Check the tab that says “Automatically advance to the next slide after ___ seconds.”
  • Enter the amount of seconds you want them to last.
  • Under “Thread Settings” there is also a “Cover Art” tab. Click here to add a cover image for your project.
  • Once you have finished adjusting your thread settings, you can hit “Save.”
  • You will be taken back to the “Create” page of your project where you can add more media.



3. How to Add Media:

  • To upload an image or a video that is already on your computer, click on the “Create” button on the upper left corner of the page.
  • Click on the “Add Media” button.
  • Click on “My Computer.” Locate the image or video you want to use, and select it to be uploaded.
  • When trying to use a youtube URL does not work.
  • If you want to use a YouTube video, use this website to download the video you want to upload onto the site: http://en.savefrom.net/1-how-to-download-youtube-video/ . (Using a YouTube URL will not work.)
  • You are only able to upload a file that 25MB with a free account.
  • Once your media is uploaded, you can rearrange the order of slides by dragging the slides over.
  • To delete a slide, hover over the slide you want to delete, and two icons will appear. Clicking on the pencil icon will allow you to edit your slide, and clicking on the trashcan will delete the slide.

HOW TO ADD MEDIA (Video tutorial)


4. Uploading Media:

  • There are four options for media sources. You can add media from other VoiceThreads you have created, Khan Academy, Flickr, and New York Public Library.
  • You can click on any of the four media sources and use the search bar.
  • You can preview the media and then click “Import.”



5. How to Add a Comment:

  • On the top of the page, select the second option “Comment.”
  • You will then be taken to your presentation. Once you are on the slide you want to comment on, click on the “Comment” button towards the bottom of the screen. Five different options will pop up.
  • You can add text by choosing “ABC.” A window will pop up where you can type in a comment.
  • You can make a comment using your phone. By adding a phone number of a person you want to call, VoiceThread will call the number and record the phone conversation.
  • You can record an audio comment. You can also draw on the slide while you are recording, if you are trying to bring attention to something specific in a photograph. You can the press the “Stop Recording” button on the bottom of the page to stop.
  • You can record a video comment if you have a webcam on your computer.
  • You can also upload a comment through your computer. If you have audio recorded on your phone, you can email it to yourself and then upload it. (You cannot edit the audio file in VoiceThread.)

HOW TO ADD A COMMENT (Video tutorial)

Do’s and Don’ts of Interviewing



  • Do research on your interviewee and your topic before the interview takes place.
  • Plan your questions in advance. Having index cards or a small notebook can help you stay on track during the interview. Avoid questions that result in a yes/no answer.
  • Make sure you have the interviewee sign a release form. 
  • Have the interviewee spell out their first and last name before the interview.
  • Make your interviewee feel comfortable and relaxed. Have your interviewee sit or stand in a relaxed position for the duration of the interview.
  • Limit the distractions around the interviewee. You and your interviewee want to appear focused on each other. 
  • Be friendly and develop a rapport with the interviewee.
  • Listen carefully during the interview. If you didn’t hear or understand something that your interviewee said, ask them for clarification.
  • Make sure that your interviewee responds to your questions in complete sentences
  • Edit in your head as you listen to the interviewee’s responses to your questions. Is their answer simple and clear?  Will it edit well?  If not, ask your question again until you get the sound bite you will need in the edit room.


  • Make sure you have the right conditions when recording with a mobile device (i.e. lighting, composition and external noise control).
  • Keep phone steady when recording audio/video during an interview.
  • Make sure the interviewee doesn’t hold the phone.
  • Research the shots that will look and work best for your interview (i.e. Two-shot, Barbara Walter Shot, Over-the-Head Shot).


  • Make sure you are in a quiet environment.  Avoid humming lights, computers, traffic, talking, etc.
  • Do a test run of the the audio levels before completing the full interview.
  • If there is an audio problem, such as background noise, stop the interview until it is resolved.
  • If there is an audio problem, ask the interviewee to repeat the answer.
  • Capture room tone by recording “silence” at the end of the interview.  


  • Make sure to wear appropriate clothing when interviewing someone (i.e. suit, blazer, long pants, etc). It is important to look professional.
  • Advise the interviewee to dress in attire that is also professional and not distracting.




  • Don’t make the interviewee uncomfortable. Avoid asking very personal questions that are unrelated to the interview topic. Maintain a professional attitude and approach. 
  • If you have a mic, don’t let the interviewer hold the mic.
  • Don’t interrupt your interviewee in the middle of a sentence. Let he/she finish what they have to say.
  • Don’t ask yes/no questions.


  • Don’t cut your interviewee out of frame.
  • Don’t block the lens.
  • Don’t record at night.
  • Don’t position your interviewee higher or lower than yourself. Make sure you are at the same eye level as your interviewee.


  • Don’t wear anything that will distract your interviewee or distract your viewer’s attention on the interviewee.