What is Open SUNY?

Open SUNY is a system-wide effort designed to maximize online-enabled learning opportunities for all SUNY students current and future. Open SUNY, as a concept, seeks to support campuses and faculty in increasing access, completion, and success for their students. Open SUNY draws on a rich history of innovative instruction within the SUNY system including the SUNY Learning Network (SLN), Empire State College Center for Distance Learning and much more. Open SUNY will be introduced in January of 2014, but the details are still in development. We welcome your input and encourage you to Tell Us what you think.

Click here for an overview of the Open SUNY effort to date. open.suny.edu

What's New?

  • Nominate a program or share course ideas now!
  • Need help ensuring your campus is ready to offer the highest quality online learning experience possible? Assistance is available at no cost through our Institutional Readiness process.
  • We need your advice on how to make Open SUNY work for your campus. Please take a moment and Tell Us how Open SUNY can help you make a difference

Open SUNY Survey

Want to take the Open SUNY survey?

Click on the following link to “raise your hand” and make sure your voice is heard: Open SUNY Survey