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Acquisitions Working Group: Call for Volunteers

The SUNY LSP Implementation Team is seeking nominations by October 11, 2017 for those interested and willing to serve on the Acquisitions Working Group that will be chaired by Sarah Maximiek from Binghamton University.  
  • If you are interested or know someone who would be great, check out the form for Nominations/Volunteers: https://goo.gl/forms/WVha0Rfad8hZYea03
  • The charge and focus of this working group is:
    • Develop and maintain standard system-wide policies and best practices regarding acquisitions  management in the Library Services Platform (LSP) throughout the SUNY Library Consortia (SLC).  Create and maintain a plan for facilitating best practices within the LSP for the SLC and individual campuses for the entire acquisitions life cycle including purchasing, ordering, invoicing, receiving, and claiming. Research acquisitions management best practices and policies in a consortial environment, and recommend policies related to storing, sharing, and managing purchase order lines and cost information.  Research and develop configuration for individual and group-wide acquisitions functionality within the LSP and identify any connection needs with campus financial systems.  Propose optimal LSP system settings to: enhance efficiency for local and consortial access, reduce redundant acquisition management activities, and produce reliable data for system-wide data analysis.   Create shared analytics recommendations to continue data-driven decision activities across SUNY.  Review needs and options for training related to acquisitions in the SUNY Library Consortium, and recommend training plans to the LSP Task Force and LSP Training Working Group.  This group will work closely with the LSP E-Resources Management Working Group.
  To learn more about other current and future working groups visit: http://commons.suny.edu/slc/lsp/library-services-platform-working-groups/

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