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The SUNY Library Consortium (SLC) and SUNY OLIS is excited to announce that Kristy Lee will be joining the SLC Library Services Platform Team as a full-time Project Manager beginning in January 2018 for a two-year release-time appointment.  Kristy brings a wealth of SUNY experience, having served for the past seven years at SUNY New Paltz as the Head of Information Systems, and then Head of Library Technology.  In her roles at New Paltz, Kristy has served as the administrator for a variety of library technology related to the LSP.  Before SUNY New Paltz, Kristy worked for 4 years overseeing system support for two large School Library Systems.  Kristy’s technical knowledge, and experience working with major library technology in a group environment, along with her enthusiasm for moving the SLC’s technology infrastructure forward will be a crucial part of a successful implementation of Alma and Primo.  Kristy is already active in the Ex Libris User Community, as evidenced by her coordination of the 2016 and 2017 ENUG conferences. Please join me in welcoming Kristy to our team.  The SLC is fortunate to have Kristy on board.  Many Thanks to SUNY New Paltz Library Dean Mark Colvson and SUNY New Paltz Provost Lorin Basden Arnold for supporting Kristy’s participation.  And, thanks to SUNY OLIS for their financial support to facilitate this appointment.
The SUNY Libraries Consortium has formed the Commercial Products Committee.  This Committee will encourage cooperation and collaboration in SLC’s approach to licensing electronic resources. The Committee Consists of:
  • Curtis Kendrick, Chair, Binghamton
  • Stephanie Hess, Project Lead, Binghamton
  • Jin Guo,Stony Brook
  • Jean Guyon, Albany
  • Charles Lyons, University at Buffalo
  • Jenica Rogers, Potsdam
  •  Jill Tarabula, SUNY Clinton Community College
  • Rebecca Turner Wallace, Suffolk Community College
  • John Schumacher, SUNY Office of Library and Information Services
Katie DeRusso, Interim Library Director at Monroe Community College, will begin as the Vice President/President Elect of the SLC Board in September 2017.  Please join us in welcoming Katie to this newly created position.  The VP/President Elect will serve to assist the SLC Board President, and will ensure consistency between Board President terms.
The SLC will be establishing a Commercial Products Committee to encourage cooperation and collaboration in our approach to licensing electronic resources.
The requirements are some experience with electronic resource licensing, a facility with Excel would be helpful, and an ability to work well with others is a necessity.  I would hope to have somewhere in the 6 – 8 people as a workable number.
Please send recommendations to Curtis Kendrick:  .

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