The SUNY Library Consortium (SLC) and SUNY OLIS is excited to announce that Kristy Lee will be joining the SLC Library Services Platform Team as a full-time Project Manager beginning in January 2018 for a two-year release-time appointment.  Kristy brings a wealth of SUNY experience, having served for the past seven years at SUNY New Paltz as the Head of Information Systems, and then Head of Library Technology.  In her roles at New Paltz, Kristy has served as the administrator for a variety of library technology related to the LSP.  Before SUNY New Paltz, Kristy worked for 4 years overseeing system support for two large School Library Systems.  Kristy’s technical knowledge, and experience working with major library technology in a group environment, along with her enthusiasm for moving the SLC’s technology infrastructure forward will be a crucial part of a successful implementation of Alma and Primo.  Kristy is already active in the Ex Libris User Community, as evidenced by her coordination of the 2016 and 2017 ENUG conferences. Please join me in welcoming Kristy to our team.  The SLC is fortunate to have Kristy on board.  Many Thanks to SUNY New Paltz Library Dean Mark Colvson and SUNY New Paltz Provost Lorin Basden Arnold for supporting Kristy’s participation.  And, thanks to SUNY OLIS for their financial support to facilitate this appointment.
Connection details were sent to the SUNYLSP email list and to each institutional campus lead contact.  Please reach out to your campus contact or Heidi Webb for connection details for the October 17th network zone webinar at 1:30pm presented by Katy Aronoff, Manager of Solutions Architecture at Ex Libris,.
  On October 17th at 1:30, Katy Aronoff, Manager of Solutions Architecture at Ex Libris, will be presenting a webinar on the Network Zone.   Since the Network Zone will be a key part of the SLC shared implementation of Alma, the LSP Project Management team asked Ex Libris to provide an overview webinar on the Network Zone.
  Webinar details will be available in the next few days.
The SUNY LSP Implementation Team is seeking nominations by October 11, 2017 for those interested and willing to serve on the Acquisitions Working Group that will be chaired by Sarah Maximiek from Binghamton University.  
  • If you are interested or know someone who would be great, check out the form for Nominations/Volunteers:
  • The charge and focus of this working group is:
    • Develop and maintain standard system-wide policies and best practices regarding acquisitions  management in the Library Services Platform (LSP) throughout the SUNY Library Consortia (SLC).  Create and maintain a plan for facilitating best practices within the LSP for the SLC and individual campuses for the entire acquisitions life cycle including purchasing, ordering, invoicing, receiving, and claiming. Research acquisitions management best practices and policies in a consortial environment, and recommend policies related to storing, sharing, and managing purchase order lines and cost information.  Research and develop configuration for individual and group-wide acquisitions functionality within the LSP and identify any connection needs with campus financial systems.  Propose optimal LSP system settings to: enhance efficiency for local and consortial access, reduce redundant acquisition management activities, and produce reliable data for system-wide data analysis.   Create shared analytics recommendations to continue data-driven decision activities across SUNY.  Review needs and options for training related to acquisitions in the SUNY Library Consortium, and recommend training plans to the LSP Task Force and LSP Training Working Group.  This group will work closely with the LSP E-Resources Management Working Group.
  To learn more about other current and future working groups visit:
The next SLC LSP Working Group, the Training Working Group is in the process of forming.  If you are interested or know someone who would be fantastic, please volunteer or nominate someone by October 11th. Thank you to Jan Waterhouse from University at Albany for chairing this working group.
  • Form for Nominations/Volunteers:
  • The charge of the working group is below:
    • In consultation with all working groups and members of the SUNY Libraries Consortium (SLC), identify training needs related to the implementation of and continued use of a Library Services Platform (LSP) in a shared geographically dispersed consortia environment. Create and develop a training strategy that addresses needs, format, existing vendor documentation, scalability, content creation, and consortial efficiencies. Facilitate SLC-wide training opportunities, instruction, and training related events based on the developed training strategy. Recommend training plans and strategies to the LSP Task Force. Support librarians and staff within SLC who are providing training by providing assistance in developing, assessing, and improving training sessions, learning objects, and training material. Provide overall guidance on assessment and measuring effectiveness of instruction and assist with continued development of training events and programs.
To learn more about other current and future working groups visit:
For anyone interested in other LSP related discussion areas in SUNY, SUNYLA’s Technology Discussion Group (TDG) has a slack space to discuss technology issues of interest across SUNY libraries. There are several discussion channels including #LSP and the space is open to any SUNY library staff interested in discussing and troubleshooting library related technologies. If you are interested in joining, seeing what slack channels exist, and/or just checking out the TDG, visit their website: Thank you TDG for creating and sharing this kind of communication format!
There is a new email discussion list dedicated entirely to SUNY’s migration from Aleph and implementation of a Library Services Platform. To join the LSP email list, use your official campus email address (ex: and send an email to with the following subject:
  • subscribe listname youremailaddress fullname
    • i.e., subscribe sunylsp Betty Spencer
To send an email, send it to sunylsp at

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