For anyone interested in other LSP related discussion areas in SUNY, SUNYLA’s Technology Discussion Group (TDG) has a slack space to discuss technology issues of interest across SUNY libraries. There are several discussion channels including #LSP and the space is open to any SUNY library staff interested in discussing and troubleshooting library related technologies. If you are interested in joining, seeing what slack channels exist, and/or just checking out the TDG, visit their website: Thank you TDG for creating and sharing this kind of communication format!
There is a new email discussion list dedicated entirely to SUNY’s migration from Aleph and implementation of a Library Services Platform. To join the LSP email list, use your official campus email address (ex: and send an email to with the following subject:
  • subscribe listname youremailaddress fullname
    • i.e., subscribe sunylsp Betty Spencer
To send an email, send it to sunylsp at
Just a reminder about the September 7th Update Webinar on the SUNY Library Consortium LSP Planning. If there are things you’d like Shannon Pritting to cover, or you have questions about, please let Shannon know or comment on this post.  

Webinar Details:

The LSP Implementation Team and Task Force want to thank everyone who expressed interest in this working group. In particular we want to thank Marianne Hebert for chairing this working group and the following individuals who will be working towards creating policies, procedures, and pursuing other activities related to e-resources outlined in the group’s charge:
  • Marianne Hebert, Potsdam, Chair
  • Cheng Cheng, Oneonta
  • Susan Davis, University at Buffalo
  • Stephanie Hess, Binghamton
  • Jill Locascio, Optometry
  • Colleen Lougen, New Paltz
  • Jessica Tagliaferro , Westchester Community College
  • Jan Waterhouse, University at Albany
We recognize that many individuals and institutions are still interested in being involved in the implementation at all levels. Stay tuned for other opportunities to be announced.
A big thank you to all who showed interest in and asked about serving as a Vanguard campus.  This is a great example of current preparations to develop the SUNY Libraries Consortium and further collaboration within SUNY Libraries. The Vanguards will be key in ensuring a successful migration from current systems to Alma and Primo. We want to thank the leadership and staff at the following institutions for agreeing to take on this role:
  •    Binghamton University
  •    College at Brockport
  •    University at Buffalo
  •    Oneonta
  •    Potsdam
We recognize that many individuals and institutions are still interested in being involved in the implementation. Stay tuned for other opportunities like involvement in working groups to be announced.
To: Campuses with Aleph regions hosted in the shared server environment at ITEC

The OLIS is involved with Aleph data review in support of the migration to Alma for campuses on the shared servers. Natalie Sturr has created a process to make sure campus Aleph holdings are in-synch with their holdings in OCLC. This is to support the creation of a shared catalog in Alma which will be based on OCLC master records from WorldCat.

Natalie has been working with a pilot group of campuses to finalize the process and is ready to take on another group. Consequently, we are looking for 5 to 6 campuses that would be interested in working with the OLIS on this 2nd reclamation at this time. We would like to start working with this group in mid to late August. Given that the start of the new semester is coming up quickly, interested campuses would need to have a contact person available that could respond to questions related to workflow, STA values, and how electronic resources are identified. Campus credentials for Connexion would also need to be shared with the OLIS so that any deletes and/or additions can be uploaded to WorldCat.

We will be planning additional cohort groups with the intent of working with all campuses on the shared services. Consequently, other opportunities will be available as we move forward.

The OLIS will be able to do this 2nd reclamation at no cost to campuses since we now have access to all MARC records associated with SUNY campus holdings through the WorldShare Collection Manager. While Maggie Horn did provide reclamation services to campuses, they were done 5 to 7 years ago. Over time, OCLC has updated and merged records resulting in changes in OCLC numbers. Further, we want to ensure that any slippage in OCLC/Aleph holdings coordination can be addressed.

If interested, please send an email to both Natalie Sturr and Maureen Zajkowski by Friday, August 18. We will follow-up with a call to review the process and answer questions you may have.

The E-Resources Management Working Group, which will be chaired by Marianne Hebert from SUNY Potsdam, is forming now. Interested individuals are encouraged to fill out a form stating their interest.  Nominations will remain open until a full slate of working group members are identified (about 7 individuals) though we are encouraging interested individuals to fill out the form by August 18th. For a list of other current and future working groups, visit the working group page.

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