SUNY Team ePortfolio Update

We are having an extremely slow start with our SUNY Team ePortfolio Commons Group.  I haven’t invited interested people to our group yet, because I’ve been waiting to get our WordPress blog site engaging enough to promote discussions.  As of today, we can NOT upload images or embed media on our blog.  I have been posting to my ePortfolio inPractice site at and Team ePortfolio at .  These are very informative sites.    We want our blog to take on a more creative look, also.  I haven’t had an answer as to why we can’t post media to our blog. There are Friday SUNY Learning Commons Q & A sessions, but I teach during those times.  Can someone please attend and find out why we can’t add media to our blog?  I don’t want to give up on SUNY Learning Commons.  Suggestions?

We should start inviting our eportfolio colleagues to our SUNY Team ePortfolio Group.  Also, others need to be posting information.  Despite the limitations we are experiencing, I think it’s time to open up and invite others.  Let’s get ready for CIT.