OER Community Course Experience

OER Course WelcomeThe SUNY OER Community Course will introduce you to the fundamental principles and effective practices related to Open Educational Resources. Throughout this learning space, you will have the opportunity to explore and discuss methods and approaches to finding, adopting, customizing, integrating, creating, publishing, and licensing OER. You will also have opportunities to connect in conversation with your peers, and work with OER advocates from the SUNY community who can help you along your learning journey.

After completing the courses in this learning space, you will be able to:

  • Identify and describe OER of different genres and formats;
  • Establish and follow a workflow practice for OER adoption, adaption, and creation;
  • Demonstrate understanding of intellectual property and ADA laws;
  • Leverage opportunities to collect data and research the impact of OER;
  • Advocate for OER adoption on their campus; and
  • Commit to the principles and practices of open pedagogy.

This OER Community Course is a shared learning journey that allows for individual work on readings, exploration of associated resources, shared conversation on forum topics, and group collaboration on learning activities. This learning journey is made up of six courses that will guide you through:

  1. Understanding OER
  2. Identifying, Finding, and Adopting OER
  3. Customizing and Integrating OER
  4. Creating Licensing and Publishing OER
  5. Sharing and Promoting OER
  6. Contributing to OER Research

Discover Your Learning Pathway

There are four learning pathways options to choose from on this OER journey:

  1. The Pathway to Discovery
  2. The Mapped Out Journey
  3. The SUNY OER Services Community Course Cohort
  4. The Bespoke Group Cohort

The Pathway to Discovery: If you choose to follow this approach, you will be exploring the courses and associated resources on your own. There’s no set pathway that you need to follow, and no milestones to reach. Just an open learning landscape for you to explore. Note that there is no access to the discussion forums on this learning pathway.

The Mapped Out Journey: Each course in this OER Learning Hub has an established sequence of things to do, and ways to connect and communicate. Once you have completed the first course (Understanding OER) the remaining courses can be accessed, and activities completed out of order. You will still need to participate in conversations, complete knowledge checks, write short reflections, and submit evidence of learning exercises if you want to earn badges and a course completion certificate.

The SUNY OER Community Learning Cohort: Each OER Community Learning cohort will be facilitated by a study group leader – a SUNY peer who has experience in finding, adopting, customizing, integrating, creating, licensing and publishing OER. These study group leaders will guide you through each practice area, keep conversations on track, and help you with collaborative project logistics. As a group, you will move through the practice areas in sequence – participating in conversations, completing knowledge checks, writing short reflections, and submitting evidence of learning exercises to earn badges or a course completion certificate. Access the OER Community Learning Cohort schedule

The Bespoke Group Cohort:Course content, discussion questions, and knowledge checks are openly licensed under a Creative Commons CC BY license, and available in Pressbooks for integration into an LMS. A study group leader guide and accompanying documents are also available for use. Please contact SUNY OER Services for more information on running a Bespoke Group Cohort.

Connect and Collaborate

Throughout these learning journeys, you will be encouraged to add to the OER community by posting to your blog (now is a great time to start blogging!), tweeting, contributing to the Workplace OER Community Course page, or adding sites to the Diigo social bookmarking group. Throughout the course you will find FAQs and helpful hints for creating content in all of these areas, and adding to the teaching and learning resource outlets connected to this course.

Attend Learning Events

The SUNY OER Community learning Cohort also includes live online presentations where community members introduce topics and share their insight on effective teaching and learning practices related to OER. All learners, regardless of learning pathway, are invited to join these live learning events. Access the Live Learning Event schedule.

Earn Course Badges

If you choose to follow the Mapped Out Journey or participate in the SUNY OER Community learning Cohort, you have the opportunity to earn a badge (or certificate) on completion of each practice area. In order to earn a badge, you will need to complete short knowledge quizzes, participate in group conversations, and submit Evidence of Learning exercises.

Before You Move On: Assess What You Know About OER

Take some time to assess what you know about OER before beginning your learning journey. This self-assessment can help you identify the course practice areas that would most interest you and address questions or concerns you may have related to OER.

Assess What You Know about OER

Explore definitions, concepts, and effective practices related to OER

Recognize and distinguish between different types and formats of OER

Explore ways to customize and integrate OER into your teaching and learning

Work through the OER creation, licensing, and publishing processes

Learn how to promote the use of OER on your campus

Discover pathways to contributing to OER research and effective practices

Explore and investigate the concepts of Open Pedagogy in your teaching and learning